About Us

About Us

Gazella Turizm A.Ş (Gazella) was established in 1996 with the goal to provide unique and comfortable holiday tours for travel lovers who want to experience different cultures around the world.

Gazella has become one of the leading companies in the tourism sector. Currently organizing tours in 6 continents and 72 countries, providing services to approximately 30,000 clients, of these tours 35% are long haul and 65% are short haul.

Our travel packages can be booked directly via Gazella and our subdivision Gezgin Yaka.

Gezgin Yaka presents affordable packages to foreign destinations while enhancing the social aspect of travel abroad, designed specifically for young adults; 34 to 44 years of age.

All tours offered are designed with special attention and care, therefore our groups are up to a maximum of 20 people. We aim to provide travelers with an authentic cultural experience in every destination they visit.

There are no hidden costs when booking with Gazella and we take pride in our services and transparent costs. All our tours start and end with complimentary airport transfer, also where applicable meals and extra tours are included. Any extra costs that are not included are clearly listed in the relevant tour itinerary, which are all available online.

According to our customer satisfaction survey 96 percent of our travelers feel they received great value for money.

Gazella continuously focuses on creating the ultimate holiday experience to maintain a high level of customer service satisfaction.


BinRota: established in 2016, acts as a solution partner implementing innovative ideas to leading tour agencies in Turkey.

Gitmek Lazım: established in 2019, provides a platform for local and international tours, with a community spirit that aims to enrich the social aspect of journeys and holidays.